Tuesday, 30 December 2008

A little poem to uplift you


 The Fulfillment of the Journey


Arise my love, my dove, my beautiful one

Listen to the voice-

                         The quiet, constant hum

The Lord who opens your palm like a flower –


He who gives you the words

And infuses with power.


The still small voice

In the ruffling wind

That brings you to silence,

                        That compels you to kneel

And asks you to feel -


To acknowledge a vision of truth

That not everybody sees.


You are the child.

The fire of the light

The strength for the fight,

                        That comes in the silence,

That reigns without violence

So you learn to turn the other cheek.


Arise- awake like roses from the dust

And trust.



The dove that sweeps,

The voice that speaks,


The eternal heart that beats in time with your own-

You are not alone.



By Edel-Anne Byrne

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