Monday, 28 September 2009

Handy refreshers

Found this great little book from CTS in Westminster Cathedral this week which is to help prepare us Brits for the arrival of Saint Therese of Liseux's relics in the UK. It is excellent preparation and is both a handy refresher if you are familiar but, I think, would make a good introduction too. It also has where the relics will be and when. Check it out at here.


Andrea said...

Hope you have a wonderful week.
Blessings, andrea

SQUELLY said...

Thanks Andrea! You too!

GrandmaK said...

Oh my, I just realized that it has been, or will be at Christmas, 5 years since we were in England and indeed we were in Westminster Cathedral. It is a lovely church and we were so glad to have had the opportunity to stop there to pray. We visited there after we had seen the Abbey.

Good evening to you! Cathy

SQUELLY said...

How lovely! So glad that you got to see both and I am glad you liked it.

Colleen said...

I saw St Therese's relics when they came to United States. What an experience for a convert like me. God bless!

SQUELLY said...

I am so looking forward to seeing them here in a couple of weeks! :-)

Brian said...

Greetings from the USA!

I have heard the good people of England and Wales are visiting the Little Flower's relics by the thousands.

Therese is keeping her promise - raining down a shower of roses!

God bless!

SQUELLY said...

Indeed! She has brought great hope to us here on this little island of ours. I am looking forward to the arrival of the relics i London later this week.Thanks for such a kind message. Blessings,


Veritas said...

I and one of my sons visited the Holy Cross Monastery Belfast when the relics came to Ireland.
The casket or reliquary is very ornate and a lasting memory I have of the occasion is the reverence with which people approached the relics, and the dignity surrounding the whole visit.
I'm looking foward to hearing about your visit - if you get the time to post on it.

SQUELLY said...

Thanks Ann - I am hoping things will get to the point where I can post regularly again. I hope so much to post about this particular event.

The way you described it makes it sound very gentle and beautiful! I so much look forward to it.

God bless!


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