Tuesday, 27 October 2009

How can you have October without virtual Lourdes?

A little visit to virtual Lourdes in honour of the Rosary. What better place to celebrate than at the grotto where praying the Rosary was overseen by Our Lady herself? She joined in the Our Father and followed silently as Bernadette prayed the Hail Mary. This was the case from the earliest vision. How many rosaries have been said there since? It must run into trillions! Hooray!

From a personal point of view I think it is where I learnt to fully appreciate this most beautiful and powerful of prayers.

Remember that your prayers went there too and all those thousands of Rosaries surrounded them. I so hope that those prayers are being answered. I believe they are - perhaps already have been?

The Ave Maria being sung in the midst of the Rosary procession


Dymphna said...

I am blessed to have a replica of the Lourdes grotto near my home here in the U.S. It is on the grounds of Mt. St. Mary's Seminary and University in Emmitsburg, Maryland.

SQUELLY said...

I am so glad there are so many little grottos of light throughout the world. Dear little Bernadette- a spiritual giant.

Veritas said...

So many memories, such a peaceful place, and yes, so many many Aves!

SQUELLY said...

Ah indeed- so many Aves! Its nice to think of all the little lights as we head closer to the winter

Veritas said...

This never ceases to bring me joy! I hope you get your internet sorted and get blogging again soon.

SQUELLY said...

Hooay! I'm so glad! I hope to be back blogging regularly once more- lots to share!

God Bless


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