Friday, 28 August 2009

Poem for Friday



The silence

Watches over

Without the eyes of the

World to meet him.


You will not look to seek him,

Even though

He is just a little way behind.


He is the strength

Touched by gentility of mind.


He is keeper

And the leader,


Who sought Him



The calm on the flight,

The clarity of sight,

When all around

Was panic and slaughter.


Protector in the stillness;

The silhouette in the distant desert

Whose feet met the sand,


In the unfamiliar land,

While the blood

Of innocence was behind.


And so he lead

And we will never know what was


Or what passed between the


Throughout their journey


We can only know the stillness,

The depth of willingness…


Of what it is to love.


We can only touch upon the


Of one who was so


And so

Willing to become the



Who lived the hidden life,

Bathed in the

Greatest gift of light...

Which is given to us all.


Listen for the call…


For in the still,



In the whisper of the dream...

It shall come.

Sleep in the knowledge

And comfort

Of silence.


~Joseph the Worker said...

I love hearing a Poem about my Patron :)

SQUELLY said...

He is a good one :-)

Esther said...

What a beautiful poem about Saint Joseph!!

SQUELLY said...

Thank to so much Esther! :-)

Colleen said...

What a beautiful poem!! I love it. God bless!

SQUELLY said...

Thank you! I do love St. Joseph


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