Monday, 21 December 2009

Hanging out with Carthusians (in spirit)

With a lack of Internet access in my life over the last month or so I have been spending my time doing lots of extra reading - you don't need technology to procrastinate and I'll always find a way. So what have I been reading dear readers, who have been kind enough to return after I have neglected you for so long? Well, among other things the writing of various, unnamed, Carthusians. This has largely happened by accident. It's strange when things seem to converge and by coincidence several people give you things to read which are connected and that is what happened to me at the end of the summer. I was given a book of Carhtusian writings and then a friend sent me a few extracts from the book he had been reading and before I knew it I was hooked. John Paul II said there is no such thing as a coincidence and I think I quite agree.

 Despite their enclosed nature it quickly became clear to me that these guys have a better handle on human nature and the modern world than those of us trapped in the grind. Advent, though it is almost at a close, has been the perfect ground for nurturing this reading for it has been born in the stillness and the silence of waiting and for this reason it is profound in its simple truths. I just wanted to share a little of my most recent reading with you, from a chapter entitled 'Christmas':

"For the world has need of love, for love alone gives joy. And grace is of itself fruitful; it cannot burn within us without lighting up other souls.

May the Blessed Virgin, hidden and silent in the cave of Bethlehem, help us to imitate her in her recollectedness and purity"*

I hope you all have a blessed and peaceful close to Advent.

*PAGE 89 The Prayer of Love and Silence, Gracewing, 2006 (originally published in 1962 by Darton, Longman and Todd Ltd.)
COPYRIGHT - The Carthusian order in England


GrandmaK said...

I especially like the quote regarding our Blessed Mother!!! Thank you! Cathy

Anne said...

How beautiful!
Thank you for sharing this! A blessed Christmas to you Enid!

SQUELLY said...

Thanks to you both! Happy Christmas!

Anne said...

Edel, I want to apologize for botching your beautiful name! Sometimes it takes me days to realize my mistakes and then when it comes to me, it is so out of the blue. Here I was, thinking of your lovely blog, and my mistake just hit me! So sorry!

SQUELLY said...

Ha ha! Please don't worry - I am queen of typos and it is an odd one anyway- don't give it a another thought. I hope you are having a truly blessed Christmas with all your family.

God bless!


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