Saturday, 20 February 2010

Anniversary of the 5th Apparition

5th Apparition
Saturday 20th of February
At the fifth apparition Our Lady spoke with Bernadette and taught her a prayer that was just for her. She would say this prayer every day of her life, but never wrote it down or repeated it to anyone. For the rest of her life people would constantly attempt to make Bernadette divulge this prayer and the secrets Our Lady had told her. Bernadette never gave in but with her immense strength of character and her own brand of feisty Pyreneen wit she would rebuke them for trying in a firm but gentle manner. One frequent response was 'men are powerful on earth but the Holy Virgin is powerful in Heaven'. Whatever was said it was noted by the crowds at the end of this vision Bernadette was overcome with a great sadness.

Word had now begun to spread amongst surrounding villages and this day saw the biggest crowd yet - about thirty people.


Lisa said...

I am so loving these posts! I feel like I'm getting little visits with my patron -- dear St. Bernadette. Thank-you! And many blessings for you from her from our saint and the Beautiful Lady.

SQUELLY said...

Hooray! Thank you Lisa! That knowledge has brightened my day. Dear Bernadette- always praying for us.

Prayers and blessings!



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