Thursday, 11 February 2010

Feastday of Our Lady of Lourdes

God our Father among all creatures You have formed Mary, the perfect creature, the "Immaculate Conception." In Lourdes she proclaimed this name and Bernadette repeated it. The Immaculate Conception; this is a cry of hope: evil, sin, and death are no longer victors.
Mary, precursory sign, dawn of salvation! Mary, you, the innocence and refuge of sinners, we pray to you.

Ave Maria, gratia plena!

Lord Jesus, You gave us Mary as our Mother. She shared Your Passion and Resurrection. In Lourdes she showed herself to Bernadette, saddened by our sins but radiant with Your light. Through her, we entrust to You our joys and our sorrows, our own, those of the sick, and those of all people.
Mary, our sister and our mother, our confidant, and our help, we pray to you ...

Ave Maria, gratia plena!

Holy Spirit, you are the Spirit of love and unity. In Lourdes, through Bernadette, Mary asked for a Chapel, and for people to come in procession. Inspire the Church which Christ is building on Peter's faith: that it may be one. Guide the pilgrimage of the Church: that it may be faithful and daring!
Mary, you are filled with the Holy Spirit, you are the spouse and the servant. You are the model for Christians, and the maternal face of the Church. We pray to you ...

Ave Maria, gratia plena!

For the many graces received, for all the conversions, all the forgiveness, all the healings, for the vocations and promises which you have witnessed or engendered, for the love of serving others, which you have let us experience, Our Lady of Lourdes we thank you!

Benedicta tu in mulieribus!

With all our brothers and sisters of the human race, with all people in need of peace and justice, with young people in search of a way, you who appeared so young to little Bernadette, with all those who are in mourning, who are ill, handicapped, or facing a setback, with those who may have a reason for despair: Our Lady of Lourdes We pray to you!

Ora pro nobis!

Because you are the smile of God, the reflection of the light of Christ, the dwelling place of the Holy Spirit, because you chose Bernadette in her misery, because you are the star of the morning, the gate of Heaven, and the first resurrected creature we praise you, we acclaim you and with you we sing the wonders of God,



Andrea said...

Beautiful!! Boy have I missed you, lately. Hope you are doing well.

PS: Sitka has an award for you on arise 2 write.

Veritas said...

The memories come flooding back...of the power of love as you describe it, Squelly. Beautiful photos and prayer...have a great day!

Tracy said...

Happy Feast Day!!

SQUELLY said...

Thanks to you all! You have all been in my prayers today and I hope you are having a happy and holy feastday!

Thank you Andrea - it is a school holiday next week and I shall tell you of all my adventures in the time I have been missing from the blogging world. Thank you for thinking of me and missing me!

God bless you all!

Esther G. said...

Happy Feast Day dear Squelly! I just knew you'd have a beautiful post. Thank you.

Anne said...

Wonderful prayer and reflection. Thank you so much!

Colleen said...

Happy Feast day! Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier!

~Joseph the Worker said...

I thought of you on the feast day, remembering your devotion to Our Lady of Lourdes. Hope all is well with you!

SQUELLY said...

Thanks very much everybody - especially for your thoughts and prayers


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