Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Down here in the dirt

When Bernadette was about to be given the last rights for the fourth time in her short life she shrugged and said 'down here we are in the dirt'. This was not intended to be a criticism or rejection of the great beauties of this life but simply an observation that here we are separated from the great beauty of heaven- from the source of beauty. She knew this better than most because she had seen through to that other world and met the Queen of heaven. It does not lessen the value of the life we live here to say that it is imperfect - every follower of Christ, every human being knows this to be true. We all carry our burdens, of differing weights, but we cannot forget that where there is dirt there must be growth, life and productivity. From down here in the dirt we can fix our eyes on heaven with all the more clarity. Bernadette did not like suffering, she did not want to suffer but through it she found a way to strip everything else away so that only God remained. I often fail to see this when I find myself in a little more dirt than usual (like this week) and I would do well to remember it. 

I wondered if you would be so kind as to remember someone very important to me in your prayers. My Mum, like all mothers, is very stoic and always holds back on how she is feeling, putting others before herself.  I know she is not feeling well at the moment (its my parents' 37th wedding anniversary and I popped home to see them).  She is a strong woman but she still likes to avoid a fuss. Please, if you would be so kind, pray for her and her health. Many thanks to you all. God Bless!

NB Sorry I am not replying to comments again - my blogger ID is on the blink again and thinks I am an impostor.       


Lisa said...

Praying for your Mum today, Squelly. (And you, too!)

Veritas said...

I'll pray for your mother during the next few days, Edel.

SQUELLY said...

Thank you both so much! Ann I am thinking of you as you prepare to jet off tomorrow

SQUELLY said...

Thank you both so much! Ann I am thinking of you as you prepare to jet off tomorrow

Joyful Days said...

Praying for your Mum.

I was told a long time ago that when we leave this life it will be like the window will be cleaned and we will see all that we've missed--the true colors, the true sounds, the sweetness all around us--the truth. Indeed we are all down here in the dirt."



SQUELLY said...

How beautiful! A lovely way to see the end of this life! I so much appreciate your prayers!


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