Thursday, 30 July 2009

A quick nod to Saint Martha

I know I am a day late but I just wanted to mark the feast day of my confirmation patron Saint - Martha.  Martha liked to get things right but in her hurry to do so she got them wrong- I picked her for this reason- because I can relate. The thing that I like best about her though is her willingness to learn - it is not easy to be criticised by someone you love and respect. It is hard to then take this criticism to heart and learn from it.  Martha is a good example of how to do so graciously and I pray to her that, when I am corrected, I will act to correct the error of my ways, that I will listen carefully to what others have to say. 

When the bishop asked me why I chose her, I did tell him "Because she had to learn the hard way" He looked rather shocked but I stand by it.


McKenzie Armstrong said...

Ave Maria!
Thanks for your kind comments on my blog! I appreciate it.

I also enjoyed your "nod" to St. Martha as that is my mother's namesake and one of my favorite saints.

God bless you!

SQUELLY said...

She is indeed a great saint! Your wish to follow your vocation is a wonderful and uplifting thing - I hope so very much that your desire to enter on the feast of the great feast of the Assumption is fulfilled. Be assured is something that will remain in my prayers.

Laura said...

I am SUCH a Martha.

SQUELLY said...

Me too! :-)


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