Thursday, 26 February 2009

A day without apparition

There were two occasions within the main fourteen days of apparitions that the Lady did not appear (the other was Monday 22nd of February). Bernadette waited for Aquiro on both these occasions with Rosary in hand but she did not come. Desperately disappointed and fearing she had done something to offend the Lady Bernadette would then return home in tears.
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The Photograph is of the statue of Bernadette on the domain leading to the grotto.


~Joseph the Worker said...

I hope to visit some day.

SQUELLY said...

I hope you do too- I am sure you will! I am lucky living so close. God Bless!

Anonymous said...

This is a good reminder for us; of those times when we feel ignored by God. For me, the "miracle" of the message of Lourdes isn't our Lady's apparitions, but rather Bernadette's faithfulness and willingness to accept whatever hardships befell her. Just one visit to the "Cachot" reveals the deep sense of self-sacrifice and sufficiency of grace, which delineated the entire temporal life of this wonderful saint. I think that's also why, for me, a visit to Lourdes is not complete without a visit to Nevers.

SQUELLY said...

Me too! Oh I was thinking about Nevers today - I think because the weather was quite similar when I was there. The amazing faith of Bernadette, her humanity and her courage are at the very centre of Lourdes. She is at the core of its peace. That is what I remember about Nevers most of al a deep, still, peace. Thank you so much for your comment!

Anonymous said...

Have you stayed within the Convent?

SQUELLY said...

Yeah I did - it was amazing - such a beautiful place and touched with that deep resting peace. I just loved walking in the gardens and seeing the Lady of the Waters statue, being able to walk where Bernadette walked. Ah happy thoughts!


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