Tuesday, 10 February 2009


FAR LEFT: Mosaic marks the spot where Bernadette knelt on the first 11th of February.
RIGHT: The statue in the domain on the 11th of February last year surrounded by the flowers of pilgrims.

As we celebrated the 150th anniversary on the 11th last year the sun broke through over the mountains and bathed everyone in light. It was a beautiful morning.
There is a serious shake of the hand in the following video so I hope it doesn't give you a headache but I thought it would give you a nice sense of what will happen at the grotto tonight when the feast officially begins. There will be Rosary with decades in major languages and then the torchlight procession with thousands of candles and Aves filling the air. This dodgy little video was filmed this time last year at the grotto.

This video I couldn't resist putting on even though there is the sound of a slightly over enthusiastic woman next to me who was not enitrely tuneful but made up for it with volume! I am sure Our Lady loves all singers tuneful or not (I am not the most tuneful myself)


Joyful Days said...

I would love to be there.



SQUELLY said...

I am blessed by proximity - pocket sized Europe- but I pray with all my heart that one day you will be able to go.

Laura said...

Thank you for sharing these pictures. That is not how I pictured the plaque to look so I am glad to have seen it.
We will be having big celebration Mass at school tomorrow and I think my kids are well prepared for the homily questions. We discussed Lourdes over and over in class.

SQUELLY said...

Your welcome! I just love sharing them - I always take a million of them when I am lucky enough to be there because I can't actually believe how lucky I am.

We had an assembly with our kids this morning but it was only about half an hour I really wish they would let us have a mass too. Have a wonderful, blessed day! Best of luck to your students for the homily questions.

SQUELLY said...

I'm afraid I have to correct my own late night typo - obviously you're welcome not your welcome :-)

+JMJ+ said...

Our Pastor recently went and was so moved. Thank you for sharing.

Our Lady and this apparition are such a gift to us!

Tracy said...

I too would LOVE to be there!! Thanks for sharing, amazing!!

SQUELLY said...

It is a very moving experience- it is very hard to describe. Thanks so much for sharing them with me and leaving a comment.


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