Thursday, 19 March 2009

Bernadette and Jospeh

Bernadette said "when you find it difficult to pray go to Saint Joseph because who else knows as well as he does how to speak to Jesus and Mary?"

When St. Bernadette was originally buried it was in the chapel of St Joseph (seen left, her original grave and the statue of St. Joseph which overlooks it can be seen below). A very small and humble but equally beautiful building surrounded by the gardens in the convent at Nevers. She rested there till 1925 when her own small and humble but equally beautiful intact body was moved to its glass casket in the main convent chapel within the convent buildings which could accommodate pilgrims a little better. (the statue of St. Joseph, below, overlooks the spot where she used to be buried)

My eldest brother was almost born on the feast of St. Joseph and thus it was almost his first name but when he turned out to be taking his time about things (he was born on the 20th) he was given Joseph as his middle name instead.


Tracy said...

Happy Feast Day!

SQUELLY said...

Happy Feast Day!


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