Monday, 11 May 2009

Celebrating Mary and mothers

When I was at a cafe doing some marking yesterday the guys on the table next to me were talking about mothers day. They then asked me whether it was mothers day in England (neither of them were English) to which I replied that our Mothers Day tends to fall in late March or early April. This got me thinking - I thought how nice it would be to have mothers day, like so many other countries in this great month of May. To all in America I wish you a truly happy belated Mothers Day.

In order to celebrate May on this blog I thought I might try to construct something I have been aiming to put together for a while now. Anyone who has visited this blog on a reasonably regular basis will be aware of the fact that it has a particular tendency for posts on Lourdes and St Bernadette. It may also surprise those, and other readers, to know that when I fell into the world of blogging I had no intention that the blog would be so heavily devoted to the message of Lourdes.

However, with hindsight, which lets face it is always 20/20, I should have realised this would be the case. On Thursday I was at a small gathering for Catholic adults in their twenties and the aim of the evening was to discuss the impact Mary has had on us personally. We all told our stories and I put in at some point:

'I often wonder if I had not bumbled my way into a trip to Lourdes in 2004 would I be the same person? I don't think I would. Its not that I went to Lourdes and a gigantic thunderbolt hit me or that I would be in a spiritual sphere radically different from my current position in life(which sadly is not one of great virtue anyway :-)) if I had not gone. However, it simply did change my life - in ways I might never be able to explain'

On the way home my flat mate (who is also my closest friend) expressed surprise about this. I would have thought it was rather obvious - she did concede that while it is true she could probably have worked out I felt this way she had never heard me say it - so - with that in mind- this is me saying it.

Over the next few days/ weeks - depending how much free time I can grab - I will try to explain how I came to understand Mary and my own life a little better through a lens provided to me by a little grotto in France. At the moment - in a world filled with endless teaching tasks it is the best I can offer in this great month of May as a small contribution to celebrating the great love and beauty of our precious advocate.


Alleluiabelle said...


I love your site. I was born and raised as a Catholic. In 2002 I became Christian. I love our Almighty God and I thank Him for His son, Jesus Christ for saving all of us through the cross. I have fond memories of my mother praying her rosary and reading her bible. She passed away in 2005. She was a very devout Catholic and I learned so much from her. I am looking foward to seeing hearing more and seeing your pictures.


SQUELLY said...

Thank you! I hope you enjoy them. It sounds as though you have been on a wonderful journey andI thak you for sharing a little of it with me.

God Bless!



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