Thursday, 21 May 2009

A witness to Faith & prayers needed!

I wanted to just write a little reflection on the writings of another blogger who never ceases to inspire me. I am sure nearly everyone who has read this blog has already been following The Story of Faith Hope which is written by Faith's Mum (or Mom) Myah. For anyone who does not know the story of Faith she is a beautiful little girl born three months ago full of smiles and gurgles. Faith has a condition called anencephaly which means that she has no brain.

Myah was advised not to carry Faith to term because there would be no purpose in doing so. This is where the miracle begins. Myah chose her own path - you can read her own inspiring words on her blog but I just want to say that I think that she is a woman of tremendous strength. Did I mention Myah is only 23?

Well, not only did Myah recognise that her baby deserved to be born she began to write about her journey and witness to her decision. The result? An incredible witness to the sanctity of human life but also to the beauty of human love.

The hospital sent Faith and her Mum home with a memory box and information on bereavement- even though Faith was alive. The more I read about Faith, like thousands of others, the more I see God's finger prints all over her- and by association the rest of us. Faith can be seen on Myah's blog cuddling her Mum, gurgling away and smiling.

Faith is living proof that the brain doesn't mean much if you have a soul. She is a witness to the amazing power of individuality and love which God gives to us all. I just wanted to personally thank Myah for her strength and the gift of sharing Faith Hope with us.

The reason I wanted to write this post is to show support forMyah who has received hate mail and even had websites set up about herself and her daughter. I won't spend much time considering the individuals that level abuse at people who choose to give birth to their children and love them unconditionally. I think they must be rather sad and rather bored. Instead I just wanted to make the point that far from being a witness to that hate, Faith is a witness, as her name suggests, to the hope and love which we can hope will save us from such futile evils.

What more cause for celebration and hope could you ask for than seeing this child?

Thanks Myah and Faith Hope!


GrannyGrump said...

Prayers needed -- little Faith is suffering a health crisis, a distended tummy and blood in her diaper.

SQUELLY said...

Prayers are definitely been offered here! I will add something to the post!

Andrea said...

Praying for Faith.

SQUELLY said...

Great! Me too!


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