Monday, 25 May 2009

Finding the beads

I searched high and low for my beloved Rosary beads today. I put my beads in their little pouch in my pocket yesterday and, of course, at the time I questioned whether this was a good idea. It wasn’t. How far can they travel from my pocket? Far enough is the answer.

I love these particular beads and if I can help it I like to say my Rosary on them, I know it shouldn’t make a difference but I can’t help it…I have favourites (You can read about them here Beads of hope for 2009). They continue to help me touch upon the World Church as I pray because they speak of those suffering persecution yet still able to create such beauty for the love of a mother; a mother who draws close to the children who live their lives to glorify a beloved son. They make me aware, when I start to consider how hard I find things sometimes, of the fact that at least I can say my Rosary freely and I feel so lucky to be able to do so.

Thankfully St Anthony came through for me and I found them safely tucked up in their little patch near my bed.

To me (on a good day) the Rosary is like a window and, just for an instant, I feel like the veil between this world and the other falls (or at least thins).  Sometimes that doesn’t happen – I get distracted, look out the window or start thinking about making my next cup of tea – lose the rhythm. However, on the occasions I get it right its like catching a glimpse of something and knowing its real.

I wish I got it right more often than not…I don’t. Even so I am so thankful for this gift of a prayer which always seems to me like fluttering wings.  Saying the Rosary is learning. I feel I can always get better at it – closer, more focused, stronger - and this is the beauty of it. When I was younger we used to say it as a family but saying as an adult is different. It starts to take root in you and becomes an anchor of peace. I am still learning but I would rather face the journeys ahead of me with these beads between my fingers than without them.

I never get bored of the well known statement made by John Paul the great "the Rosary is the rhythm of life". 


Joyful Days said...

I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one to lose focus. It is breathtaking when you get close to the line where the two places meet.

GrandmaK said...

You know I carry a chaplet in my uniform pocket at work and in whatever pocket I have the rest of the time. Often I'm found looking through the dirty laundry as I have forgotten to take it out. The other day I couldn't find it and was distraught. It was a gift from a friend and cherished. I found it in the front seat of the car!!!! Yes, it had fallen our of my pocket there...I understand!!!! Cathy

~Joseph the Worker said...

Your post reminds me of a beautiful renaissance painting of Purgatory where the souls are grabbing onto a rosary and being lifted up into Heaven.

SQUELLY said...

Julie - I am afraid but lack of focus is more common than focus in my case :-) Glad I am not alone.

Cathy - the laundry is always a black hole- the number of near misses I have had there! Thank goodness for St Anthony!

Joseph- thank you !!!!!!!! How beautiful!

Anne said...

An anchor of peace! I love that! How I need that anchor so I don't drift away! Thanks for the great post and the great site, I love it!

SQUELLY said...

Me too! Thank you so much - I am delighted you like it!


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