Friday, 29 May 2009

Forgive my manners

As an Englishwoman I should have better manners so I am issuing a good old apology - British style. Dear friends please forgive me for not replying promptly to comments left in the comment box of late. I am having difficulty with sporadic blogger ID so that even if I am signed in the comment box is not recognising me and refusing to let me sign in again. When it does recognise me I am getting in those replies. So please know three things 1) I am reading and appreciating your comments 2) I am not ignoring you 3) a reply will come - eventually.

Thank you as always for your kindness and patience


Andrea said...

Darling, I think we are all having trouble with blogger. Some days I can't even get into some of the blogs I enjoy. We totally understand.
I added a link to your blog to both of my blogs. I spent some time tonight adding many of the blogs I visit in a friendly links section. I want others to enjoy reading the blogs I have been blessed to encounter and yours is one of them.
Blessings and prayers, andrea

GrandmaK said...

My apology necessary! Cathy

SQUELLY said...

Andrea - thank you so very much! I am so happy to be in your links section. I am also glad it is not only me who seems to have trouble with the old blogger ID. I tried to leave a couple of comments on your blog this week and was unable. I will persevere though!

Thanks Cathy :-)

~Joseph the Worker said...

I wish I was half as prompt as you at answering my comments! But, then again I'm just a rude American :)

SQUELLY said...

Ha ha not at all! I think the polite British have long since gone :-)


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