Tuesday, 20 January 2009

LITTLE LIGHTS - dedicated to you!

As long as there is faith there is always hope. At Lourdes the torchlight procession symbolises this; the light in the darkness. But it is not one light- it is countless little lights all glowing and moving in unison that set the place aflame. Alone they would not make much of an impact but  when they come together they light up the night.

Those lights symbolise all of you. 
This is the core of hope
And this should lift all our hearts wherever we are in the world because our faith and our prayer unites us and brings us together in light- around the source of all things. I follow many wonderful blogs and this is how I see them and their readers- as those little lights gathered around a great and inextinguishable light; the light of the world.

Please continue to pray the NOVENA of LIFE or whatever prayer you feel most potent that FOCA will not be passed in as little as a matter of days (see earlier post WITH A LITTLE BIT OF GRACE - FOCA for more information and pro-life poem) Thanks to all those who have read this earlier post and commented -I have replied to all of you. May we continue to unite in prayer for the chorus of tiny beating hearts which are being threatened in the one place they should be assured of safety.

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