Wednesday, 14 January 2009

A Reflection in Darkness

Please continue to pray the NOVENA of LIFE or whatever prayer you feel most potent that FOCA will not be passed later this month (see earlier post WITH A LITTLE BIT OF GRACE - FOCA for more information and pro-life poem) Thanks to all those who have read this earlier post and commented -I have replied to all of you. May we continue to unite in prayer for the chorus of tiny beating hearts which are being threatened in the one place they should be assured of safety.

A Reflection in Darkness
I wrote this recently while on a resedential duty with the kids at school (for those not familiar I am a teacher) they had been running about and giggling in their night dresses and suddenly it all went so quiet and it was just me in the silence. There I was sitting on the sofa at the end of this empty corridor waiting to catch a whisper or a smuggled giggle...and writing.

In the silence of night it is possible to feel the sacred very close to you. To recognise it in that deep part of you that remains touched only by God. I feel it now. In the stillness of the trees outside, in the gentle ticking of clocks and in the black of night; the sacred, waiting hand lies open, hoping to be touched. There is a wholeness in the silence - it is whole and rhythmic - like one deep and consuming breath of life.

And I know that the the deep, deep mystery whcih dwells within and around is very close indeed.

This is the glorius nothingness of life, perhaps what eternity feels like; calm and still - like it is not moving forward but also, it is not static , it is living and filled with expectancy. It is the very tip of being. The edge of life where the mystery and clarity come very close together, so close that they are almost touching.


Gail said...

Hello Squelly,
I LOVE your blog. It's wonderful to read about the growth of the English church, and I share your love of Lourdes and St. Bernadette. To this day, I love watching anything connected to Lourdes and her little visionary.
I also am joining you in the rosary novena to stop FOCA. Interestingly, the state where I live-Vermont- has stopped funding payment for the HPA vaccine, citing budget concerns. Interesting how God works.

Jennifer said...

Beautiful reflection on the sacred....silence is so holy. I need more of it!
Visit today if you can and click on the article called American Catholics Failing to Put First Things First. I think you will appreciate it, even though you're not an American! Bless you,

SQUELLY said...

Wow! thank you both for your beautiful comments!

Gail: I am so glad! I love all things Bernadette realted but most of all I love to talk about her with and hear from people who love her just as much! - please do keep following it means so much. Also, thanks so much for that information on HPV- fascinating! I know its a cliche but God does work in mysterious ways!

Jennifer: Thank you too! An absolutely fantastic article- spot on! You are right- we are all so in need of more silence. On the bright side perhaps we appreciate it more when we get it? Mysterious ways? God bless!

SQUELLY said...

Sorry I got so excited I really over used the exclamation mark.

Dismas said...

I read your reflection and had to comment - back in college I knew the campus security workers well, and they would let me into the campus chapel at night. Some of my most memorable nights of prayer were within the complete silence and darkness of that chapel. I hadn't thought of that in years, but reading your reflection just brought it all back. Thanks!


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