Thursday, 22 January 2009

Notes on a grey day

I woke up this morning and the world just seemed grey and a littler sadder than ususal. My desk is a stack of tumbling papers and even though I feel tired I know I will have to try and be the best teacher I can be today - beacause that is what I do.
When I look at the little prayer of Bernadette in my last post I know that in the grand scheme of things my little woes are nothing. In spite of terrible physical suffering and separation from her family she embraced life with a sense of peace, joy and absolute abanndonment. I need to get working on that.
So instead of letting the grey sky defeat me. I decide to think of all the things I am thankful for. Most of all I am thankful because my faith gives me perspective to see beyond my own weakness and little sufferings. I can join my prayers, as Bernadette did from the sick bed she called her white chapel, to all the masses in the world- because whatever time of day it is here it is likely that somewhere in the world someone is deep in prayer before the consecration. How can the world be grey and sad when this is true?
I am not alone.


Laura said...

I hope the day brings you wonderful surprises.

Sarah (JOT) said...

I've been busy catching up, as they say, with your blog posts. I thought I had bookmarked you - I'm so daft! Anyhoo, I'll add you to my blogroll since it was an oversight on my part . . . a bit later today. I was very touched by your story about Garvan. You are a sweet soul and your reflections are a reflection of that. God bless you - grey days and all.

Soutenus said...

I have just found your blog! And - I have added you to my side bar. These past couple of days we have been simpatico in mood and reflection.

Veritas said...

Exactly! The Prayer of the Church rising up like incense - that's another thing I love about the Church - its universality. And I like your outlook on things too.

SQUELLY said...

Hi everyone - thanks for such kind comments- they are my wonderful surprises. Thanks so much for adding me to blogrolls and sidebars that is such a nice thing to hear. Garvan was a really great little chap - I am glad his little story is still worth telling. Soutenus - I am glad to have discovered your blog! I popped by earlier and I am now following along.

SQUELLY said...

Thanks Veritas!

Yeah I love being part of a world Church- it is suc a gift!

+JMJ+ said...

Sometimes the grey can rob us of our peace and hope.

But our Lord is bigger than that grey. :)

SQUELLY said...

Indeed He is-it is just a matter of having the faith- Thank you!


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