Saturday, 31 January 2009

We have not forgotten you

England is not the easiest place to be if you are pro-life. Our laws have enshrined this terrible process as a right of the mother and convinces people that these are the only rights to be considered. However, there are many here who do try to stand out or witness to the rights of the child and attempt to make known the damage done to the mother. We have not forgotten our unborn. The fact that our laws say one thing does not mean that the people who live under them unanimously agree with them. Today I can't help but think back to everything that happened last week and all I can continue to say is that nothing is impossible for God. The fact that I was not standing outside the clinic today does not mean that I have not thought about what is happening today at clinics throughout this country and the world - just the same as it did last week( A morning at the abortion centre). We pray for all the unborn and their mothers- we have not forgotten you. We will not forget you:

Father in heaven
You are the creator of life
Protect all expectant mothers
And the babies they carry in their wombs

We pray for all those
Who are suffering after an abortion
will be open to mercy and love
We ask for the conversion of
all those who fail to respect
the gift of human life.
Heavenly father
guide our hearts to help restore
in the hearts of all people the
sanctity of human life.


Esther said...

Keep up the good work of speaking up for the unborn.

Aubrey said...

I am pro-life as well and pray at the local Abortion facility whenever possible. There's new legislation before our senate here in America that would remove all state-imposed restrictions on abortion. Our new president has already promised to sign it. I am praying so hard that it does not pass; it would put so many unborn lives at risk.

SQUELLY said...

I am praying with you too- our laws here are already so far down the line - I pray there is a way back. I would hate to see the same thing happen in America. I admire the great faith that exists in your country. We just have to witness as much as we can - going to the abortion clinic is such a great way to do that. Thank you so much for dropping in at my blog and leaving a comment. God Bless!


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