Sunday, 5 April 2009

Inspiration on a Sunday

A year before he died my brother Garvan was interviewed by Sister Frances Dominica an Anglican  nun who began the childrens' hospice movement in England. Garvan had spent a couple of weekends at Helen House, the first hospice for terminally ill children in England when my Mum was having my elder brother and I, and while there he had spoken a little about his beliefs. My parents were aware that he was quite a wise little soul and they had always been honest with him that there was a strong possibility that he would die. However, they were astounded at the depth of his responses. A few years ago Sister Frances wrote a book for grieving parents and asked if she could quote Garvan in the opening chapter- my parents were happy with this and when the manuscript was complete she sent us a copy - I picked it off the self this morning and thought I would post the quotation Frances chose:

"My body is just my reflection...
When you die you leave your reflection.
Your real self leaves your body and
goes into another world...where
it will be the happiest of all...
God has the answers, we have the questions, 
and only in the end will he tell us the answers
God has kept that new life a secret
and I am glad because it will give
us a surprise, it will give us such
a big surprise."

Then begins the book. Garvan died a year later aged 12 on the 16th of April.


Tracy said...

wow, this is amazing!!

SQUELLY said...

He just seemed to have absolute confidence and a wisdom that constantly surprised people

Joyful Days said...

Thank you for sharing his sweet words.

SQUELLY said...

I am so glad that you enjoyed them :-)


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