Friday, 17 April 2009

A last brief post from Lourdes - a prayer

I fly out tomorrow after a blessed few days in Lourdes. Just had a quiet day today soaking up life here. I had forgotten what it is like when there are big pilgrimages out - so busy!  I have been used to being here in February or working in the baths in the summer when you never get to see anything because you are inside all day.

I will put a few little posts out on little things I have picked up on that I think you will enjoy over the next few days. I had a wonderful day celebrating the anniversary of Bernadette's death yesterday- when she was finally reunited with Our Lady after a long wait- so I didn't manage to post. The fact I was celebrating here meant I neglected my little blog celebrations but there is a prayer to Bernadette which is being given out in Lourdes this year to mark her special anniversary and I really want to share it with you but I will have to type it out so I will try and do that upon my return.

I will remember you all when I say farewell to the grotto tomorrow morning.

God Bless one last time from Lourdes!


Aussie Therese said...

Thanks so much for taking all our prayer requests to Lourdes Squelly.

SQUELLY said...

You are so very welcome - it was a real privilege to be able to take them. I took some pictures of them reaching the and they should find there way on here very soon.


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