Saturday, 18 April 2009

Special prayer to St Bernadette to mark the 130th anniversary of her death

This year the theme in Lourdes is THE PATH OF BERNADETTE and to mark this theme there is a prayer to Bernadette being given out in the sanctuaries at Lourdes - I think it is really beautiful and wanted to post it to mark the 130th anniversary of her death which occurred on Thursday the 16th of April. I hope you enjoy it - I have copied it as accurately as possible with bold and italics faithfully reproduced.   Just see below:-


Prayer to St. Bernadette

Bernadette, you have long sought the Lord where he called you to.
You asked. You listened. You trusted.
You were sure the Lord would guide you.
You surrendered yourself completely in the hands of God.

Like Mary you are confidant
Inspire in me the same confidence, the same generosity and patience.

Lord, enlighten me on my path
And give me strength to say "yes"
when I hear your call.

Bernadette, you intensely desired the Eucharist,
You had done everything to receive communion
in the Body of Christ,
You loved to adore the Blessed Sacrament,
You united your life living in the offering,
that  of Christ at the alter.

Like Mary, the Woman of the Eucharist
Inspire in me the same hunger for the Eucharist, the food,
presence and sacrifice.

Lord, you have given us your Son,
the living and eternal Bread.
That the Eucharist transforms my life to be a 
perpetual act of thanksgiving.

Bernadette, you always enjoyed serving others,
On 11th of February, the Virgin appeared to you when you
were fetching wood.
Among sisters, you learned to treat the sick and
residents of the hospice
Later, in Nevers, you were an excellent nurse,
offering an attentive and intelligent in charity.

Like Mary, who saw the family's needs, in Cana.
Inspire in me the same generosity and the same faith
to see that Christ is present in each one

Lord, you have given us brothers and sisters to love.
That our eyes, our hands and our hearts are open
to all those that you put in our way.

Bernadette, your faith has grown in the Church.
The Church, it was your family, your church,
your religious community.
Bravely, you went to tell the priests to hold a procession
and to build a chapel.
Once your mission was accomplished,
you retreated in silence and humility.

Like Mary, in this day of Pentecost and then silence.
Inspire in me the same love of the Church:
I trust that it will support me in my prayer.

Lord, you give everyone a place in your Church.
Let me answer my vocation with the same simplicity
and the same generosity as Bernadette.


(Copyright Service Creation- Sanctuaries Notre-Dame de Lourdes)


Lisa said...

Goosebumps, Squelly. How blessed you are to be there!

SQUELLY said...

It is such a great blessing! So glad you think the prayer a nice one- I loved it!

Laura said...

Visiting your blog is like going to church. I feel very peaceful afterwards.

SQUELLY said...

Thanks Laura! Your comments are always filled with so much kindness.


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